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    Subject :

    Change your Clock, Change your Batteries
    Contact : Christina Kiefer
    Fire Marshal
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    In the United States each year, residential fires cause more than 2,500 deaths, 12,600 injuries, and an estimated $7.3 billion in property loss. It is important to understand that fire spreads quickly; there is no time to gather valuables. In just two minutes, a fire can be life-threatening; in five minutes, your house can be engulfed in flames. Having working smoke alarms is the best way to provide an early warning for your family and increases your chance of surviving a fire by nearly fifty percent (

    This Sunday, March 8, San Ramon Valley Fire wants to remind residents to change the batteries in all your smoke alarms when you change your clocks for daylight savings time. Take a few minutes this weekend to protect your family and follow these simple life saving tips:

    • Place a smoke alarm on every level of your home, in every bedroom and in the hallways outside sleeping areas.
    • Check smoke alarms monthly by pushing the test button.  If you cannot reach the button, use a broom handle.
    • Change the batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year - remember, change your clocks, change your batteries. 
    • Hard-wired smoke alarms with battery back-ups still need to be tested monthly and batteries replaced yearly.
    • Teach children what the smoke alarm sounds like and if they hear it, to get out of the house fast. 
    • Never disable or permanently remove the batteries from your smoke alarm.  If your smoke alarm is equipped with a hush button, use it to silence nuisance alarms. Most of us wouldn't ride in a car without a working seatbelt, and we should not sleep in a house without working smoke alarms.
    • Smoke alarms wear out over time.  Replace yours if it is over 10 years old. As of July 1, 2014, all smoke alarms including combination smoke alarms, that are solely battery operated shall contain a non-replaceable, non-removable battery that is capable of powering the smoke alarm for at least 10 years. Manufactures of smoke alarms have until July 1, 2015 to comply (
    • The State of California passed a law requiring all single-family homes with an attached garage or a fossil fuel source and owners of multi-family leased or rental dwellings, such as apartments to install carbon monoxide detectors. Please read manufactures directions for installation (

    The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District service area encompasses approximately 155 square miles, covering the communities of Alamo, Blackhawk, the Town of Danville, Diablo, the City of San Ramon, the southern boundary of Morgan Territory and the Tassajara Valley, all located in Contra Costa County. The District has 185 full-time employees and 50 volunteers.


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