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    Sand bags & Wet Weather Safety

    As the rain begins to fall, San Ramon Valley Fire, the Town of Danville, and the City of San Ramon are ready to assist our residents with sand bags and helpful tips on how to stay safe during a storm. 

    Sand and Sand Bags (Bring your own shovel)
    available at:

    Fire Station 35
    505 Silver Oak Lane, Danville

    Fire Station 38
    1600 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon

    Athan Downs Park
    Montevideo Road, San Ramon

    San Ramon Central Park
    12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon

    San Ramon Sports Park
    Sherwood Way, San Ramon

    Danville Town Service Center
    1000 Sherburne Hills Road, Danville
    (Next to the Tassajara Road Post Office)
    We encourage residents to take steps and prepare early.  To ensure there is sufficient sand and bags available, please only take what is needed for actual or threatened flooding. Sand bags can also be obtained from local home improvement stores for a nominal fee.

    Wet Weather Safety Tips

    Property owners can help protect their homes and businesses by taking a few simple precautions during the rainy season.

    Home Care

    • Clear debris from rain gutters.
    • Clear and clean all drains in yards, driveways and pool decks that could clog and cause backups into the home.
    • Clear and place sandbags in problem areas if the area has been affected by a wildfire or if there have been flooding problems in the past.
    • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home.

    Preparing for a Power Outage

    • Have battery-operated flashlights and radios with fresh batteries ready.
    • Have a second telephone that does not require electricity (cell phone or standard telephone headset).
    • When power is out, unplug or turn off all electric appliances to avoid overloading circuits and fire hazards when power is restored.  Simply leave a single lamp on to alert you when power returns.
    • Freeze plastic containers filled with water to make blocks of ice that can be placed in the refrigerator/freezer to prevent food from spoiling.
    • For downed power lines call 9-1-1 or PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.

    Fireplace Safety

    • Clear the area around the hearth of debris, decorations and flammable materials.
    • Always us a metal mesh screen with fireplaces.
    • NEVER use flammable liquids to start a fire.
    • NEVER burn cardboard boxes, trash or debris in your fireplace or wood stove.
    • Chimney should be fitted with a mesh screen and spark arrester.
    • Remove branches hanging above the chimney, flues or vents.
    • Soak hot ashes in water and place them in a metal container outside your home for proper disposal.

    Wet Weather Driving

    • Prevent skids by driving slowly and carefully.
    • Steer and brake with a light touch.
    • When slowing or stopping, don't brake hard or lock the wheels and risk a skid.
    • Maintain mild pressure on the brake pedal.
    • Avoid hydroplaning, by keeping tires properly inflated, maintain good tread and replace when necessary.
    • Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.

    General Precautions

    • Use extreme caution when crossing roads or areas of flowing water. It is very difficult to determine the depth of flowing water and it may be dangerously deep.
    • Do not use storm or runoff channels for recreation. They are deceptively dangerous and rescue is extremely difficult; since these channels are designed to move vast quantities of water very quickly.

    For more information:

    National Weather Service
    California Highway Patrol
    Local AM Radio 740 and FM Radio 101.7


    1500 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon CA 94583
    (925) 838-6600 |