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    2018 Exterior Hazard Abatement

    The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District's Exterior Hazard Abatement program is designed to reduce or prevent the spread of wildfire from one property to another. Each year, the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District notifies thousands of property owners of the requirement for exterior hazard abatement.  The term "exterior hazard abatement" is used to address any natural growth of grasses, weeds, shrubbery or trees.  Exterior hazard abatement standards have been designed to minimize fire hazards throughout the District. Property inspections will begin June 1, 2018. Through abatement efforts, all property owners and citizens can be assured of a safer fire season.

    If you would like to see if your property is part of the 2018 Exterior Hazard Abatement Program, or if you would like a detailed explanation of the program, please use one of the two links below.

    As always, the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District is available to answer question regarding the annual Exterior Hazard Abatement program.  Please call 925-838-6600.

    Exterior Hazard Abatement Program - Full Details

    ( Exterior Hazard Abatement 2018 - Addresses listed by Street Name )

    1500 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon CA 94583
    (925) 838-6600 |