File of Life & SMART911

    File of Life MaterialsThe San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District supports two programs that allow residents to provide first responders with specific life saving medical information about themselves and their family.

    File of Life
    The District supports the File of Life program and makes all program materials available to residents at no charge. This program is designed to provide the District's firefighters and paramedics with a quick medical overview when a patient may be unable to offer one or may forget to mention something important. File of Life program materials consist of a card which individuals complete, containing an abbreviated medical history (known allergies, health problems, current medications, recent surgery) insurance and emergency contact information. The card is designed to fit into the included red plastic File of Life pocket, which is held with a magnet to the outside of the refrigerator in the home. Also provided is a smaller red plastic pocket and information card. The compact pocket is approximately the size of a business card and can be easily carried in a wallet or purse. The included reflective sticker is placed on the front door of a home, which alerts emergency personnel to the existence of a File of Life inside a residence. Instructions and an informative brochure complete the kit. To receive a File of Life kit simply visit our Administrative Offices at 1500 Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon or call us at (925) 838-6600.

    The District has implemented a service designed to enhance the way residents can provide information to our dispatch center during emergencies. Calling 9-1-1 and communicating effectively during an emergency can be challenging. The new service, called SMART911, enables 9-1-1 callers to automatically provide pre-prepared medical and personal information to District dispatchers in an organized and thorough manner.

    Users can subscribe for FREE to the SMART911 service via the Internet and enter information about their home and family that they desire the District to have on file for use when they dial 9-1-1. Information can include medical histories, special need occupants, property access issues, emergency contact names and numbers, among many others. When a SMART911 subscriber calls 9-1-1 their previously entered information is automatically made available to District dispatchers. Our emergency communications center staff can then use the information to inform and assist responding personnel.

    SMART911 is a private company working in partnership with the District. Participation in the SMART911 program is voluntary and optional. Subscribers individually decide what information to include in their household profile. Subscriber information is maintained in a secure manner to protect the privacy of residents using the service. Families or individuals with special medical needs are encouraged to utilize this service. For more information visit SMART911.

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